General info

Poppodium De Pul is the second oldest music venue in the Netherlands. Since 1968, De Pul has been a place in Uden where music and films comes to life on stage. Big Dutch acts, such as Doe Maar, Ronnie Flex, De Dijk, Bløf, MEAU, Wende and many other Dutch ánd international acts suchs as Anthrax, Uriah Heep, Riverside, Dog Eat Dog, Keith Caputo (and many many more) musicians performed in De Pul.

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House rules

Can I store my belongings in De Pul? Do you have lockers or a cloakroom?
In De Pul we have lockers that you can lock with a €2 coin. You can lock a safe once. We do not recommend taking valuables with you to De Pul.

Can I pay by card in De Pul?
De Pul is pin only. So you cannot pay with cash. Our payment terminals also work with most credit cards. Artist merchandise is often cash only. So be sure to bring cash if you plan to buy merchandise. There is no cash in our building, so it is not possible to withdraw money at our cash register.

Can I get earplugs in De Pul?
We recommend bringing your own hearing protection - it is very durable. However, we also have earplugs for single use. These are available at the bar. How do I know that the sound is not too loud at a concert? Live music is our specialty, so we closely monitor noise (measured in "dB") throughout a show for your safety. We continuously measure the sound during a show via the Metrao system.

Does De Pul have a minimum age?
There is no minimum age for concerts in De Pul. However, sometimes dance evenings are also organized in De Pul with a minimum age. In those cases, this is clearly indicated at the event.

Are there seats in De Pul?
In principle no. Are you unable to stand for the entire concert due to medical reasons? Since June 1, 2023, we have been selling crutch and wheelchair tickets for all shows. Did you buy a regular ticket before June 1, 2023, but would you like to use a stool? Email us and we will set one up for you.

Is De Pul accessible to wheelchair users?
De Pul is completely on the ground floor and therefore easily accessible for wheelchair users. Make sure you have purchased a wheelchair ticket and we will reserve a nice spot for you where you can watch the show.

Can I smoke in De Pul?
No, De Pul is a smoke-free location as of July 1, 2008. Smoking is only allowed outside. E-smokers / vapes and similar devices are also not allowed.

Accessibility and facilities
How do I get to De Pul?
Our address is Kapelstraat 13 in Uden. We recommend coming with your own transport or on foot.

Route, overnight stay and parking
Click here for more information about the route to De Pul, possible hotels and parking options.

Can I take a taxi to and from De Pul?
Yes, taxis can stop in front of our door, so you can go straight in. Give the taxi driver our permanent address: Kapelstraat 13 in Uden.

What is the catering industry in De Pul?
De Pul has two bars downstairs in the event area and a small bar on the balcony, where we sell various non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. Alcohol is only sold to visitors over the age of 18. If in doubt, proof of identification will be requested. No food is sold in De Pul. There are several snack bars, pizzerias and restaurants in the vicinity of De Pul. Bringing your own drinks and food is not permitted.

Ticket sales and ticket information
How can I buy a ticket for an event in De Pul?
This can be done via the ticket links on our website or at the day box office, open on program days from the time the doors open.

I have a ticket for an event, but I can no longer attend. Can I still cancel my tickets?
No, it is not possible to cancel your tickets. We recommend that you make someone else happy with your ticket, or sell it through a channel like Ticketswap.

Concert sold out?
When a concert is sold out, tickets are no longer available. There are no waiting lists. If a concert is sold out, this will be indicated on our website.

Canceled or moved concert?
If an event is canceled or moved for whatever reason, this will be reported on the website of the event itself. Ticket buyers will always receive more information in their mailbox as soon as possible. There is talk of an event, but it is not online! Only officially confirmed events are listed on the website. It sometimes happens that a band reserves the right to announce the announcement of a concert first on their own site. So keep checking the website to see where and when presales start.

Show info
What time does a concert start?
When concerts are announced, the starting time is stated on our website. If there is a supporting act, the stated starting time is the starting time of the supporting act and the main act itself starts later. Support acts can be announced up to a few days prior to the concert. It is therefore wise to check the website and also read the service email before the concert. De Pul can never guarantee that a concert or event will start exactly on time, it's only rock n' roll but we like it!

What time does a concert end?
This depends on the artists. De Pul tries to take people who use public transport into account, but that is not always possible, as we have to finish around 11 PM. If the artist stops earlier or continues longer, we cannot of course be held responsible for this. After each concert, the bar is still open for one (or more) drinks. We hope you will continue to hang out in De Pul !

Are (digital) SLR cameras allowed inside?
Taking photos and videos with your phone is allowed, provided the artist does not object. Taking and (in particular) using (digital) SLR cameras is not permitted. Too many photographers are often experienced as disturbing by visitors and that is why we want to limit this to what is necessary to be able to enjoy a concert. We always have an in-house photographer on duty and publish the photos on our Facebook page in the week after a concert. It is possible for the press to apply for press accreditation. This is often done directly through us, in some cases through the artist or management. Please note that we cannot admit all press, especially in the field of internet zines. So many websites are being created that sometimes we cannot see the forest for the trees. If you would like to request accreditation, please email info@livepul.com.

If you have a question that is not listed, you can send an email to info@livepul.com.