General info

Poppodium De Pul is the second oldest music venue in the Netherlands. Since 1968, De Pul has been a place in Uden where music and films comes to life on stage. Big Dutch acts, such as Doe Maar, Ronnie Flex, De Dijk, Bløf, MEAU and many other Dutch ánd international musicians performed in De Pul.

De Pul has two halls, both of which are fully accessible from the ground floor. We are easily accessible for visitors in a wheelchair, but we ask visitors in a wheelchair to always make themselves known in advance. So we can arrange our hall for the right amount of wheelchairs/visitors.

Hit is up via info@livepul.com when you come to our venue in a wheelchair or when you aren’t able to stand the whole night, due to medical reasons. For visitors who cannot stand the full show due to medical reasons, we can prepare barstools in advance, which can be reserved in the days before the show

Parking your car in spots around De Pul is free. In general, there are sufficient parking spaces in the Kapelstraat and on the Piusplein, a one-minute walk from our venue. Are you staying in Uden or one of the surrounding villages? Then we always recommend that you come by bicycle.

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